Michael Mischer's Biography

Michael Mischer

Born and raised in Northern Germany, Michael Mischer entered the pastry and confection business as an apprentice to Swiss Master Pastry Chef Andreas Haertle at Konditorei in Braunschweig, Germany.

“When I first started, I did not know anything about confections, except really enjoying freshly made chocolates and pastries from local shops.” says Michael.

After moving to California in 1984 and working in small pastry shops as well as his own pastry shop, Michael decided that it was time for a challenge. With his love for the craft of producing fresh products, the idea for a small chocolate shop was born.

The German word for filled chocolates is ‘Pralinen’ and that is exactly what he wanted to produce. Every good ‘Praline’ starts with the choice of cocoa beans, and during his research he found that chocolate made from South American Criollo Beans was his favorite.

All his ‘Pralinen’ and chocolate bars are made with single-origin chocolate of Grand Cru quality from Venezuela or Ecuador, including the exceptionally creamy milk chocolate.

The next decision was the look of his ‘Pralinen’. Because of Michael’s love of sculpture and shapes, he decided to shell mold in order to get very exact and interesting shapes.

Next were the fillings. Again, based on his favorite flavors, he developed a variety of fillings including Lilikoi, Marzipan and Green Tea, all made from high-quality ingredients.

His main retail store on Grand Avenue in Oakland opened on May 1, 2004. At the store fresh chocolate ‘Pralinen’ and many other products are produced and sold.